On June 20, 2015, Marty Truman of Truman Auctions provided outstanding auctioneer services to a live auction fundraising event held for Queen’s University Rugby Football Club following our golf tournament. Marty captivated the audience with his voice, timing, and great auction skills. In my opinion, he helped our club exceed our fundraising goals. We highly recommend Marty, and would hire him in the future, without hesitation.
Stephen Jamieson
Queen’s Rugby Golf Event 2015

The “Hope for Sofia” benefit gained a tremendous advantage when Marty Truman agreed to be our auctioneer for this very worthy cause. Marty was very easy to deal with, and was happy to advise us on how to organize the auction, the sequence of items being auctioned, how many people we would need and what their roles should be, as well as many other bits of wisdom both large and small. He managed to make everybody feel comfortable and the auction was smooth running, productive and entertaining. The auction realized far more than we imagined it would, mainly due to his personality and skills. The feedback I am getting from attendees is extremely positive. I will not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who might be able to use his auctioneering services.
Marty – you’re a gem! Thank you again from all of us on the “Hope for Sofia” committee.

— Inez Dekker

I had never attended an auction before and only knew that auctioneers spoke extremely fast and sold items. My experience with Marty’s auctioneering was thrilling. Not only did he speak extremely fast, he took full control of the bidding process, made sure that he acknowledged everyone’s bid and that he had satisfied bidders with every item. In addition, he was lots of fun and made the evening a very pleasant, exciting and productive one. He sold every item. He was so effective that the bids went far beyond expectation. It’s because of Marty’s professionalism that I would attend any auction that he’s conducting.

— Phyllis, Member of Sofia’s fundraising committee.

Rugby Canada Legends of Rugby Gala Dinner – November 3, 2010 at the Museum of Nature, Ottawa

“Rugby Canada recently held the first of three – Legends of Rugby – Gala Dinners in the Ottawa region. We engaged the services of Martin Truman to act as our auctioneer for the evening’s important fundraising component. Our collective efforts around the fundraising and auction initiatives allowed us to meet our budget and pass on a considerable donation to the Millitary Families Fund and also Community to Country.”

Nick Taylor

Commercial Director

Rugby Canada

Fitness Equipment Auction Sale, August 9, 2009 – YMCA-YWCA

1642 Merivale Road, Nepean, Ontario (Merivale Mall)

Thanks to the knowledge and professionalism of Truman Auctions, the National
Capital Region YMCA-YWCA was able to sell off older fitness equipment as
part of an exciting renewal project.


Thanks to all my auction crews, I could not do it without you all

All the auctions listed below, would not have been so successful without the support of my wife Marion, and other family members, parents and players, non-profit groups all volunteering their time, to work alongside me as part of my crew on the day. For most, it has been their first auction experience. Finally, thanks to all the attendees who took the time to send in the kind words of praise below, we can all share in the success.



January 27, 2007

National Capitals 15U Girls Volleyball Team Auction – $3000 raised in just under two hours

“As we drove home from our fundraising auction, I turned to my wife and said, “I must admit, that that was the highlight of our volleyball season thus far”…and so it was. Martin, your professionalism was beyond comparison and your wife’s managerial skills kept everyone in check. Congratulations, I thank you for your support and continued success in a field where you are most definitely a Giant!



Dear Martin:

Thanks so much for all the work you did to get the auction organized and running. It was great!

Cheers, Fiona

Hi Martin

Brian and I enjoy your auctions very much. We always come away with a new treasure for a very reasonable price. We especially like the fundraiser auctions, and knowing that what we purchase will help a young sports enthusiast. In these cold days we are loving our last purchase – the corner fireplace! I’m only sorry we weren’t the winner of the Chocolate peanut butter cheese cake too!

Looking forward to your next auction!

Barb & Brian

It is wonderful to have a successful event such as this and without Martin’s guidance it would not have come off. His countless hours of work on advertising, solicitation, his words of encouragement, his great and constant communications and then on the day of, the wear and tear on his voice. This was real team building. This was a pleasurable event and I think most people really enjoyed our day together. I am sure we all have some good ideas on how to make it even better for our next one!!! Thank you Martin (and Marion) for donating your valuable time and expertise and for putting the “fun” back in fundraising.”

Cheers to all,


Of the twenty to twenty-five auctions that I attend each year, I make a special effort to include all of Martin Truman’s auctions. His excellent and professional skill makes each auction an enjoyable and rewarding experience.


Martin, I just wanted to let you know that we really enjoyed the auction. There were so many wonderful items that we bid on. We did get one of the hotels price which was great. We will try to attend any future auctions.

Thank you


Hello Martin, I thoroughly enjoyed attending the auction and the way you conducted it so cheerfully and efficiently. It was a very entertaining event! Congratulations on the successful fundraiser.


September 10, 2005

Barrhaven Scottish RFC Auction – Supporting minor/junior rugby programs raising $2000 in just over an hour.

Hi Martin,
I just wanted to express my gratitude on the fantastic job you did for us on the auction. It was great to see how you worked the crowd and reached into their pockets without them even knowing 🙂 I hope we can do another one soon and, since we saw first hand how this works, I know we can make it even bigger and better.


September 10, 2005

Barrhaven Scottish RFC Auction – Supporting minor/junior rugby programs raising $2000 in just over an hour.

Hi Martin,

Thank you for a job well done! Your auction skills were certainly brought to the fore on this occasion and I wish to express my gratitude to you for the herculean effort that you put in. I know it’s always a bit easier when the bidders have had a goblet of wine or two….but I also know the great amount of effort that you put in during the preparation phase of the event!

My first thanks go to you, Marion, your daughter and friends in the kitchen selling food! A great family effort, and leadership in showing what community sports is all about!

It was a great start to renewing a community activity that is fun and can benefit the club! I watched in the background as the Football Kids came off the field after the game. Both they and their parents were mesmerized by what was going on! Some even forgot to get registered as a bidder, before placing a bid!

Talk soon!

Well done again!


June 4, 2005 – Longfields Community Church Auction Barrhaven

Martin I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your time and efforts in helping us to make our fundraising auction such a success. On June 4, 2005 we were able to raise just over $2000.00 for our youth mission trip to the Dominican Republic. Your guidance and knowledge during the planning process was invaluable and without it the event would not have gone smoothly.

Thank you again for your help and also for you donating your time.


April 2, 2005

$3500 raised for the local girls soccer team in Barrhaven

On Saturday April 2, 2005, the Ottawa South United U16 Girls OYSL hosted their inaugural team fundraising event. Leading the way for the bidders was our very own Martin Truman, Auctioneer. His command of the auction block and gavel combined with his entertaining style, paved the way to a very successful day.

A special thank you to Marion for coordinating the items on the block.


March 5, 2004 – Adrienne Clarkson Elementary School (ACES) Auction

Hi Martin:

Thank you again for all you have done to support ACES. Everyone had a wonderful time and found the auction to be great entertainment. We’re thrilled with the amount of money raised! There is a lot we can do for the school with five thousand dollars — books for the library, resources for the classrooms, buses for field trips, etc.

Thanks again for everything.